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Every resident of Nova Scotia and Canada has the right to practice their religion as stated in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms and the Nova Scotia Human Rights Act. Note that no person in this province can be discriminated in any way or form on the basis of their religious beliefs. 

Many religions, churches and religious organizations call Halifax home, and there are a variety of places of worship across the city.

In Halifax, we take pride on valuing all creeds and we believe in their power when they work together towards common goals.

Halifax is a signatory of the UN Interfaith Harmony week, which is celebrated every year during the first week of February. Several events take place during this week, such as sharing circles, guided visits to sacred places across HRM, panel discussions, and much more.

Ethnocultural Groups

There are a number of ethnocultural Groups in Halifax, looking at the preservation, celebration, recognition and promotion of the diverse heritages, histories and stories that make up our city.

Here is a list of some of these groups.

There's lots to do in Halifax

Have fun, bond and relax. There is a number of activities, services and programs that may serve you, your family and loved ones as you look for options to explore, discover or further develop your interests and passions.

Learn more about Recreation in Halifax