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Finding housing can be intimidating

Being a new student in a new town, it can be intimidating to find a good place to live, but it doesn't have to be. Halifax has great housing options for students to rent in addition to the on-campus residences.

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International Students

If you are thinking on coming to start and/or complete your higher education in Halifax, you may want to visit EduNova and learn more about the experience of being an international student in Nova Scotia. They offer great advice to students and parents on education, training and life in Nova Scotia.

Also, if you are an international student upon graduation, you may want to explore EduNova's innovative Study and Stay Program, which offers support, professional development and a program to help you transition from student to professional. In addition to all the support the student receives to better understand Nova Scotia's work culture, this program connects graduates with mentors in their sector, which helps to set meaningful professional connections from which both parties can learn.

Find more information on employment opportunities in Halifax

Finding a job can be a challenging task. There are services and programs in Halifax that are meant to help you to familiarize with the job market in the city as well as to hone your job-hunting skills.

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