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Income tax

In Canada, people pay income tax each year. This money is used to support important programs, such as education and health care. For more information about which programs are funded through your taxes, you can visit the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

You want to keep in mind that:

  • Generally, residents must send their income tax return to the Canada Revenue Agency by April 30
  • Most people automatically have taxes taken out of their pay cheque throughout the year
  • If you pay too much tax from your pay cheques, you will receive a refund of the excess tax that was withheld
  • If not enough tax was withheld, you will have to pay the balance owing

After you file your income tax, you may be eligible for credit and benefit programs such as:

The CRA also offers valuable information for newcomers. On this page, you can find videos explaining how to file taxes if you are doing so for first time as well as a whole video series on the Canadian tax system.

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